Healthcare Services

・Obstetrics and Gynecology
・General Internal medicine

Consultation and Treatment

1) Health checkup
 Cancer of the uterine cervix, Uterine body-corpus carcinoma, and the other medical

2) Operation
 Abortion, Miscarriage, Curettage, Excision of Condyloma Acuminatum, etc.

3) Gynecology
 A. Abnormal genital bleeding (Counseling on Adolescence, Irregular cycles, Dysmenorrhed,
  Premenstrual Syndrome, Myoma Uteri, Endomrtriosis, etc.)

 B. Sterility (Hormone Therapy, Oriental Medicine “Kampou”, Artificial Insemination, etc.)

 C. Counseling on Menopause (Menopausal Disorder, Osteoporosis, Menopausal Depression, etc.)

 D. Infections (Sex-Transmitted Disease, Cystitis, Vaginitis, Vulvitis)

4) Obstetrics

 A. Examination for the Pregnant (Though we do not deal with delivery, we can make an
  introduction for you to each of hospitals of Toho University or the delivery institution which you
  like when you are at the 3rd trimester (after 28 weeks) of pregnancy. We can also introduce
  you to the hospitals with emergency care system.)

 B. Contraception (Intrauterine Device, Low-dose Pills, etc.)

5) Preventive Injection and the others

 Please feel free to ask us anything about our consultation treatment, etc.

Health Insurance & Fee

Depends on the type of your health insurance, and your consultation and treatment, the fee may be different. Please read through the following instructions and check your insurance covered by.

  • Japanese Health Insurance Card

    The medical consultation or treatment in any case of sickness will be covered by the Japanese
    Health Insurance Card, which may give you access to reduced-cost medical treatment.

    However, the following conditions are excluded and you have to pay the full fee;
     1) Pregnancy
     2) Cosmetic Consultation
     3) Operation for an artificial abortion
     4) Treatment for contraception by oral pills or IUD
     5) Regulation of menstruation
     6) Some examinations for STD without symptoms
     7) Cancer examination without signs and /or symptoms
     8) Some other consultation under the condition of without sickness, and some other certain     treatments

  • Private Health Insurance Card

    If you have Private Health Insurance Card, please contact the insurance company to make sure the procedure of your payment before you come to the Yoga Ladies Clinic.

  • Without Health Insurance Card

    You have to pay the full fee by yourself if you do not have any sort of insurance card.